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Cheap Granite Countertops

Many people wish they could have a granite countertop in their kitchen but are put off by the perceived expense. It’s true that granite can be a very expensive stone, but there are options available that allow you to buy cheap granite countertops. For the top tips on how to buy cheap granite countertops while still getting a quality product, read our top tips below.

Many people think that it is the actual cost of the stone that makes granite countertops expensive. What they don't realize is that the majority of the cost is made up of quarrying, transporting, polishing and installing the countertops. Once you know this you will realize that there are ways of finding cheap granite countertops.

Top Tips For Finding Cheap Granite Countertops

1. Buy a granite countertop in tier 2 or 3. Granite is grouped into tiers based on the quality of the granite, with tier 1 being the highest quality. Tier 1 granite countertops will therefore include the premium products that command a premium price. For most kichens, a tier 1 granite countertop isn't necessary, and you will get a very similar look with a tier 2 or 3 countertop. In fact, most people wouldn't be able to tell the difference. So shop around for a tier 2 or 3 countertop and you'll get a great product at a bragain price.

2. Buy a thinner granite countertop. Granite countertops typically come in three centimeter thickness, so if you buy a worktop that's only two centimeters tick, you should be able to reduce the cost considerable. The thinner countertops may need to be laminated to provide the additional strength needed, but this is often done at the quarry these days, so you can buy directly from your supplier at a discount.

3. Buy a prefabricated granite countertop. In order to cut down on waste, many manufacturers are starting to fabricate the countertops on site in the country of origin. That means less waste and cheaper shipping costs. Buying one of these prefabricated granite countertops from your local dealer will be cheaper than the equivalent that has been fabricated in the counry of destination.

4. Use granite tiles instead of a countertop. If you are on a very tight budget then you might want to consider using granite tiles instead of the usual granite countertop. Granite tiles are much thinner than the countertops and can be laid in the same way as traditional tiles. Large square granite tiles that have been fitted professionally can look great.

5. Use the economy to your advantage. It goes without saying that you should be shopping around if you want to find cheap granite countertops. During an economic downturn dealers will be more eager to cut you a deal and offer a good discount. It's well known that granite has quite a high mark-up and so great discounts should be available if you ask. Get a few quotes to begin with and player off the dealers against each other. Offering to pay cash on the spot can also induce an extra discount.

6. Get a deal that includes installation. Many dealers will also provide an installation service. You should be able to get a better deal if you buy the granite countertop from the same dealer who is doing the installation, as he is more likely to give an extra discount, as he is getting two sales. Be sure to shop around though, as you may have an inexpensive installer in your area.

We hope you find the above tips useful and are able to find some cheap granite countertops that live up to your expectaions. Please explore the reat of our site for some other great granite countertop tips.